San Diego Wine Storage Team

Dermot & AlecAs the owners of San Diego Wine Storage, we are committed wine enthusiasts and have been collecting wine for more years than we will admit to. So we appreciate both the joy of owning fine wine and the challenges to maintaining optimal quality while keeping track of a growing collection.

When we started San Diego Wine Storage in 2007 we asked ourselves the same questions as other wine enthusiasts who are considering a home for their bottles:

“Is my wine going to be safe from changing temperatures, light and vibration?”

“Is my wine protected by reliable security systems?”

“Is it easy to get to my wine and find the bottles I am looking for?”

Over the years our services have evolved. We now offer a complete menu of wine-related services that make SDWS a one-stop facility for wine enthusiasts. We offer our clients flexible, creative cellar solutions that meet their specific needs and let them grow their collection without ever worrying about running out of space.

Come visit us in San Diego or Solana Beach, and see how we can craft a wine storage solution that is tailored to your needs.


“I store more than 2000 bottles of wine at San Diego Wine Storage. I trust the owners implicitly to protect my wine, not only with their temperature control, but with their watchful eye over all their clients’ wines. I am protecting a quarter million dollars worth of wine with a $5 lock.”

–Roger Storer
San Diego, CA

“Outstanding people – super friendly and always professional. They will literally do anything to help you. Great storage options and safety/security is top-notch. Can’t recommend them enough.”

–Kurt Breitenkamp
San Diego

“Fantastic facility, great owners, conveniently located! Everyone is super helpful and knowledgeable and willing to do whatever needs to be done to protect your investments!”

–Cindy Velasquez
San Diego, CA

“This is a top-notch operation. Alec White has taken good care of me. He recognized my pace of acquisitions and set aside the space next to me for when I needed it. I’m well into that space now. He emails me when wine shipments arrive. And he emails me articles re: wines and regions that he knows I like. He is honest to the core and just hyper-focused on taking great care of the clients. The facility is new and clean with lockers of various sizes and shapes. There are a number of serious wine collections at the facility, which is another endorsement for what they are doing. In short, I’m a fan, and feel good about storing my wine here.”

–Jerre Bridges
Carmel Valley, CA

“Moved from Italy with 500 bottles of wine – put in San Diego Wine Storage shortly after arriving back to the states and they’ve been there ever since. Now live in Hawaii and it’s great to know we have our best wines waiting for us when we get back to the mainland. Very affordable pricing – perfect peace of mind!”

–Julie Overstreet
Coronado, CA

“We love San Diego Wine Storage in Solana Beach, both the state of the art facility and the expert service. We love it so much that we have expanded our storage area three times. This is largely a result of the outstanding service we have received from Alec White. He has been especially helpful in organizing and cataloging our wine. We now know exactly what we have, exactly where to find it and even when to drink it. Having a locker there allows us to buy wine when we find a good deal. We aren’t collectors of fancy wines. There are many advantages to storing wine there besides the obvious constant wine storage temperature and space. It is great to have a place to have our wines sent where there is always someone over 21 to sign for/accept the delivery. No missed deliveries at home or shlepping from the office. There are also tastings both from outside vendors and from those of us who store there that are fun and informative.”
–Nancy Doyle
Del Mar, CA

“Spacious wine cages, top notch equipment, and very fair prices. The staff is quite friendly and helpful. This is the premier place for wine storage.”

–Alex Stevens
San Diego, CA

“Fantastic place! The owners are super helpful and friendly and always chat with you as though they’ve known you forever. Easy access to the lockers and perfect storage conditions make this the place I’ll stick with.”

–Michael Green
San Diego

“These guys are pro’s at SD Wine Storage. Great facility, and any help or advice needed is immediately given. If you want or need to store wine, this is the place to do it.”

–Stan Bishop
La Jolla, CA

“Perfect wine storage facility with any set up option for racking or cases; run by a great group of wine lovers — always willing to help with a smile…and share a great bottle of wine. This is a no brainer for those without their own cellar to store their fine wines. Also, great location with easy access.”

–Cleland Landolt
Carmel Valley, CA

“Excellent service and it keeps getting better!! Great service and a pleasure to deal with. I love the software programs available for my inventory. The owner/managers are very sensitive to the needs of their clients and continue to offer new programs that are very helpful to me as a collector. I’m very happy I found them!!!”

–Bob Marcus
Carlsbad, CA

“San Diego Wine Storage – Solana Beach is a fantastic place to store your wine. Alec White and his staff are very helpful and friendly. When we sold our house and had to move and store a 130 cases of wine from our cellar Alec was super helpful, he found us boxes, delivered them, picked up the wine, and gave us leads on locating used Vinotemps. Very happy customers.”

–Diane and Dave Zeiger
Del Mar, CA

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