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5 Rules for Keeping Your Wine Safe

Wine isn’t like butterfly wings.  Most young wines are pretty sturdy and can hold up to small changes in storage conditions, so long as the changes aren’t radical or prolonged.  But those who choose to collect wine need to take … Continue reading

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Mother Nature hasn’t been kind to French winemakers this year.  In many areas 2013 was already shaping up to be less than bountiful, but in early August huge hailstorms swept through areas of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Alsace devastating thousands of … Continue reading

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More Wine News

This just doesn’t smell right—Ever been given a glass of wine that was off but you weren’t able to say what the problem was?  Well, join the club.  To help us navigate the world of wine faults, gives us … Continue reading

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The language of wine

Three recent—and very different—articles about how we talk about wine highlight the fractious nature of winespeak. As we play aggregator, you can read all three right here. For those who wince at the almost laughable flavor descriptors that many wine … Continue reading

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