Month: September 2013

What goes into a $50 bottle of wine?

In a previous blog we quoted noted wine writer Jancis Robinson on production costs for a bottle of wine.  Ms. Robinson correctly noted that there is little correlation between production costs and what owners ultimately decide their products are worth.  But “production” costs are only part of the picture when it comes to factors that […]

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Icon–one word or two?

Jancis Robinson rarely minces words.  Best known for her popular reference works “The Oxford Companion to Wine”, “Wine Grapes”, and “The World Atlas of Wine” (co-authored with Hugh Johnson), she writes prolifically on all things wine. In her weekly column in the Financial Times, Robinson recently fired a broadside at the growing practice of new, […]

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World’s most expensive and best value wines

Every once in a while digs into its extensive database and produces some interesting lists.  Two such lists recently caught our eye: the world’s 50 most expensive wines and the world’s 10 best value wines. Of course one of our first thoughts was where the U.S. wound up in each of these categories.  In […]

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