Month: January 2014


Here’s the second installment from the Drinks Business series Wine & Warfare. We’ll post the third and final installment soon.  To read the first chapters click here. Wine & Warfare Part VI – Death in Burgundy Wine & Warfare Part VII – The Vivandières Wine & Warfare Part VIII – Battlefield Medicine Wine & Warfare […]

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Wine & Warfare–A Series Not To Be Missed

Thanks to London based Drinks Business, our readers can now explore a fascinating online series depicting the enduring relationship between war and alcoholic beverages. The series, currently at 15 chapters, spans history from Rome to World War II.  The writing is superb with evocative images from period photos and paintings.  While each chapter includes some […]

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Overdoing Ripeness

During the past twenty years “Physiological Ripeness” has become a catchword among many California winemakers.  The idea is that all components of the grape, including stems, pips, skins and pulp should reach full ripeness before the grapes are picked.  But instead of producing better wines, the practice of waiting for physiological ripeness may have created […]

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