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Blue Chip Wine Bargains? It’s all relative…

They say never try to time the market, but in the case of fine wine investments now may be the time to take advantage of a lull in the market.

John Kapon, wine auctioneer and CEO of Acker, Merrill & Condit in New York, points to three top-flight Bordeaux that he thinks are relative bargains.  “Relative” is the operating word, as of course these are still expensive wines.  But if you want to buy as an investment, Mr. Kapon suggests that you’re buying in a down market and these wines could provide a handsome ROI down the road.

Just remember that good provenance (how the wine has been stored) is a key to good ROI, so make sure you can demonstrate to potential buyers that the wine they’re going to buy has been properly stored.  Also unopened, original wood cases are more valuable to collectors than broken cases.  That said, a pretty good strategy is to wait until the wine has appreciated in value and then sell half the case.  If you’ve played your cards right you may be able to drink the other six bottles for free!