In our last blog we talked about how the recession has produced real wine bargains—both mark-downs and private labels made from super-good juice.  What’s in store for wine lovers in 2012?  The Wine Curmudgeon not only predicts what will happen with fine wine prices but tells you why.

A recent article in the New Yorker presents THE most comprehensive analysis of hangovers we’ve ever read.  What actually causes them (hold the “duhs”), what you can do to lessen the impact (preventative measures), and what to do after the fact to keep your head from rolling onto the floor…

RedNek wine glasses reach $5,000,000 in sales—don’t you just love stories like this?

The Hosemaster’s particular brand of humor may not be for everyone.  He’s completely irreverent and will go after anyone in the wine industry—including in this case the venerable Robert Parker.  Dr. Vino is one of his fans and has links to Hosemaster’s three-part series PARKENSTEIN!!  All in good fun…

Coppola—Apocalypse Now almost killed Inglenook Dream.  Evidently Hollywood directors thought Francis Ford Coppola should only make mafia films.  Read on

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