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The language of wine

wine writer cartoonThree recent—and very different—articles about how we talk about wine highlight the fractious nature of winespeak. As we play aggregator, you can read all three right here.

For those who wince at the almost laughable flavor descriptors that many wine critics love to use, Matt Kramer at Wine Spectator cuts through the flowery verbiage and gives us just 6 words that he feels are all we need to describe any wine. As Matt says, tasting wine is easy, talking about it is hard.

Then Ron Washam (AKA the Hosemaster) uses Tim Atkins’ blog to skewer James Molesworth (ironically a senior editor at Spectator) for his arcane wine prose. You mean you can’t identify with “boysenberry pâte de fruit”?  Very funny reading…

Finally comes a piece from UK based The Drinks Business, where Gabriel Savage gives us his “Top 10 Most Irritating Wine Terms” going after ubiquitous favorites like “Reserve” and “Old Vine”.


James Thurber cartoon