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Wine & Warfare–A Series Not To Be Missed

Doughboys with wineThanks to London based Drinks Business, our readers can now explore a fascinating online series depicting the enduring relationship between war and alcoholic beverages. The series, currently at 15 chapters, spans history from Rome to World War II.  The writing is superb with evocative images from period photos and paintings. 

While each chapter includes some form of alcohol, from wine to beer to rum and sake, it first and foremost is a historical chronicle of famous battles and military figures, with wonderful stories about how alcohol helped (and sometimes hindered) soldiers endure the horrors of war. There’s a great chapter about the gritty role women have played in war, going back to Napoleon.

We’ll feature all the chapters in clickable, bite-size chunks.  Here are the first five and look for the next installment soon.

Wine & Warfare Part I – RomeMusketeer

Wine & Warfare Part II – Dutch Courage

Wine & Warfare Part III – Pedro Ximénez

Wine & Warfare Part IV – Sabrage

Wine & Warfare Part V – How the Barossa Got Its Name