Frequently Asked Questions

How is San Diego Wine Storage different from other wine storage providers?

To put it simply, location and service. We are located near major freeways in both San Diego and Solana Beach, but far enough to keep your wine safe from vibrations, as well as close to shopping areas and restaurants. And we have plenty of free parking. So it’s really easy to stop by on your way to or from work or your home or when you want to pick up that special bottle enroute to your favorite local restaurant. Also, we recognize that proper storage is only one facet (albeit an important one) of collecting wine, so we offer a menu of value-added services that makes San Diego Wine Storage a one-stop resource for wine enthusiasts. Click here to learn more about our full range of services.

How do you control the temperature and humidity in your facilities?

Industrial grade insulation designed for building exteriors and commercial, redundant refrigeration units keep the temperature at 55-58ºF and humidity between 60-70ºF. Our facilities are vibration free, so your wines will age under perfect conditions. In addition to individual collectors, we provide cellaring services to local retailers, wine importers and international wine clubs who insist on perfect storage conditions with long-term, consistent reliability.

Is my wine insured at your facility?

Many of our clients insure their wine collections as part of their homeowners policy, so SDWS does not offer insurance for individual collections.  SDWS has been selected by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies as a “Chubb Preferred Service Provider” within its Masterpiece® Protection Network.  The Masterpiece Network provides coverage for high value art, antiques, wine, and other valuable collections. SDWS’s facilities in downtown San Diego and Solana Beach are part of the agreement between the two companies.

What is the minimum amount of wine I can store?

You can store any amount, from one bottle to one thousand (or more). You pay for the space, not the amount of wine stored. Our smallest locker holds 12 standard size cases, and we have community storage for up to 6 cases, however this is designed primarily for short term, transient storage. Remember you can upgrade to a larger size private locker as you grow your collection, so you never have to worry about running out of space.

What kind of bottle racks do you provide? Can I store both bottles and cases?
We specialize in customizing cellar solutions that meet each client’s specific needs. Some want all bottle racks to maximize easy access, while others combine bottle racks with case storage. While we can purchase off-the-shelf bottle racks for your lockers, most of our customers prefer a customized racking system designed specifically for their locker. Our custom racks are made of redwood and can be configured for one or two-deep bottle storage. Click here and let us know what your preference is and we will get started on crafting a solution that works best for you.

How can I find out how much wine will actually fit into your lockers?

Great question. In terms of case storage, it will depend on the types and size of your boxes. We suggest you call or contact us with the number and types of containers you have so we can recommend the right wine locker to meet your current and future needs.

How do I get my wine to your facility?

If you have a sizeable amount of wine to move, call us and we can arrange to pick up your wine from any location in San Diego County and bring it to either our San Diego or Solana Beach facilitity. At the time of the move we can pack and catalog your collection and enter the data in “My Cellar”, our online inventory management system, so it will be available to you from any computer. Also, to make life a bit simpler, we can pick up wine you order from local retailers and place it into you private locker. The same goes for wine you order direct from wineries or online retailers. We will sign for the wine and let you know it has arrived. Learn more about our moving, pickup and delivery services, and online inventory management services.

Can anyone else get access to my wine?

No. You have sole access to your wine locker, unless you authorize SDWS personnel to access your lockers in order to place direct shipments or wine from local retailers in your locker. SDWS has monitored, layered security systems and onsite managers so you can rest assured that your wine is both safe and secure.

Besides individual collectors, what other groups use SDWS?

We offer specialized storage services to wine importers, wine clubs, restaurants and wine retailers. We even have beer afficianados who store handmade, craft brews in our climate controlled private lockers. Beer storage anyone?

What should I be aware of when storing wine at home?

The most important no-no’s are high or continually fluctuating temperatures, strong light and vibration. The obvious places to avoid are the kitchen and laundry room, and the garage if it gets hot during the summer. That said, as long as you don’t plan on keeping the wine for more than a month or two before popping the cork, you should be OK to keep it in the back of a closet, away from the no-no’s mentioned above. An even better solution is to store the bulk of your wine at San Diego Wine Storage and then purchase a 50 to 100 bottle wine fridge to keep your near-term wines in.

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