Customized Storage

At San Diego Wine Storage, our goal is to create an easy to manage, cost-efficient storage solution that meets your specific needs. You can lease case storage, bottle racked lockers, or a combination of both. Our private, secure lockers are solid steel construction and are available in multiple sizes and configurations. We will work with you to design a wine cellar that you will be proud to show your friends, colleagues, and family.

Bottle Racks: Don’t want to hunt through cases to find that particular bottle? We will custom build and install redwood bottle racks in your locker. This gives you easy access to the wines you will be drinking soon, while you keep the long term bottles in cases and transfer them to racks when they are ready to drink.

Case storage: SDWS provides several locker sizes that can be configured to hold collections from 12 to over 200 cases. Flexibility is the key here: you can start out small and then move into a larger locker as your collection grows. You never need to worry about running out of space and you can modify your locker configuration at any time.

Walk-in Cellars:  Our walk-ins hold up to 500+ cases of wine and can combine case and bottle rack configurations.  The ultimate in convenient access, think of it as your home wine cellar away from home.

Full range of locker sizes

12 case lockers to 500+ case walk-in cellars

Cataloging and Updating Services

Your memory is probably better than ours, but we find that one of the biggest challenges in collecting wine is to remember what we have and where it is. To help solve this problem, SDWS can catalog your collection using either an Excel spreadsheet or CellarTracker™. We’ll do all the data entry and will provide you with hard and soft copies of your complete inventory.  We can also upload your inventory to My Cellar, where you will be able to access it from any computer.  In addition to cataloging, we can provide the current retail value of your wines as well as drink-by dates. We’ll then do periodic updates so you always know where that ’82 Lafite is sleeping.

Online Inventory Management – “My Cellar”

We want to make it easy to manage your collection, so we created an online resource that makes managing and updating your collection a snap! “My Cellar” gives our members discreet access to their collection from any computer. We also provide a mobile laptop at each of our locations that members can use to update their online inventory each time they make a deposit or withdrawal. What could be easier?

Concierge Club

A fixed price, personalized package of services that gives you updated information about your collection and eliminates the “work” in collecting wine

  • Complete inventory management
  • Day-to-day updating of inventory–deposits & withdrawals
  • Drinking windows with annual updates and drink-now alerts
  • Online access to your collection via CellarTracker™ or My Cellar
  • Order wines to be pulled from your collection for pick-up
  • Receive wine articles and buying opportunities based on your personal profile

concierge club--services page

Direct Wine Shipments

If you buy direct from wineries or online retailers, you can have your wine shipped directly to us. We’ll sign for the delivery and can either hold the wine until you pick it up or we can put it directly into your locker. Either way we will notify you as soon as your shipment arrives. No more worries about having someone over 21 at home when FedEx or UPS arrives. No more concerns about your wine riding around all day in an over-heated delivery van.

Pickup & Delivery

Free pickup–For new customers, SDWS will pick up your collection from any location within San Diego County and transfer it to your private locker at our San Diego or Solana Beach location. We can also pick up cased wine you have ordered from local retailers and bring it to SDWS. And in case you run short of time and can’t stop by to pick up wine for that special occasion, we can deliver to your home or office.

Moving Services

BoxWe offer comprehensive wine moving services that include cataloging, packing, transportation and unpacking anywhere in San Diego County. If you are new to the area and need a temporary, secure shelter for your wine send it to San Diego Wine Storage. We can hold it until you are ready to receive it in your new home and then pack and deliver your collection safely and securely.  If you’re making a long-distance move we will coordinate with your carrier to make sure the move is seamless.  Looking for long-distance door to door refrigerated transportation?  We recommend a specialist like Western Carriers.



Private Collection Sales

Need to sell part or all of your current wine collection?  We can help by facilitating sales through our network of private collectors, online wine retailers, and established wine auction houses. From cataloging your collection to communicating with potential buyers and then handling packing and shipping logistics, SDWS is your one stop shopping resource for getting the best deal for your wine.

Wine Authentication and Cellar Management Services

San Diego Wine Storage is pleased to offer the services of Chai Consulting to its wine storage customers. Chai Consulting, LLC is a San Francisco-based wine collector services firm founded by Maureen Downey in 2005, serving clients worldwide. The team at Chai specializes in wine cellar planning and management strategies, fine and rare wine appraisal, authentication, valuation, investment and financial trends of global fine wine markets.  Maureen Downey is a recognized expert in wine authentication and, according to Decanter Magazine, “…she could be fine wine’s answer to Sherlock Holmes.”

Chai Consulting logo


Craft Beer StorageBeer Storage Locker

Did you know that San Diego County has more craft beer breweries than any other municipality in California and is considered by many to be the beer Mecca of the U.S.?  And like fine wine, a lot of premium beers get better with age– as long as they are stored properly.  So it makes sense to care for these special brews the same way wine lovers pamper their fine wines.

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