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Burgundy tasting with Mark Haisma

A Burgundy winemaker with an Australian accent?? Yep, and as San Diego Wine Storage members quickly discovered, this particular Australian makes some very good white and red Burgundy.

Haisma wines and Haisma headshot

SDWS was lucky to host Mark Haisma during his recent whirlwind tour of the West Coast.  The “micro-négociant” makes a robust line of Burgundy from AOC Bourgogne to Grand Crus, and he generously shared eight selections with SDWS members and guests.

Haisma wine lineup

We’re no wine critics, but we agree with London-based Jancis Robinson who wrote about Mark: “He seems to have struck gold.  His wines have an excellent balance between fruit, expression and refreshment without being in any way wimpish.  The wines are also, appetisingly, bone dry.”

Haisma pouring for guests

Mark pours for the fans…