Is my wine insured at your facility?

Many of our clients insure their wine collections as part of their homeowners policy, so SDWS does not offer insurance for individual collections.  SDWS has been selected by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies as a “Chubb Preferred Service Provider” within its Masterpiece® Protection Network.  The Masterpiece Network provides coverage for high value art, antiques, wine, and other valuable collections. […]

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How do you control the temperature and humidity in your facilities?

Industrial grade insulation designed for building exteriors and commercial, redundant refrigeration units keep the temperature at 55-58ºF and humidity between 60-70ºF. Our facilities are vibration free, so your wines will age under perfect conditions. In addition to individual collectors, we provide cellaring services to local retailers, wine importers and international wine clubs who insist on […]

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How is San Diego Wine Storage different from other wine storage providers?

To put it simply, location and service. We are located near major freeways in both San Diego and Solana Beach, but far enough to keep your wine safe from vibrations, as well as close to shopping areas and restaurants. And we have plenty of free parking. So it’s really easy to stop by on your […]

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